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At Inveran, we pride ourselves in preserving the traditional methods of bagpipe craftsmanship, in kindred spirit with makers of auld: MacDougall, Lawrie, Henderson & Glen, where each instrument is turned by the hands of skilled craftspeople.

This means that when you select an Inveran instrument, you are choosing to purchase quality and a tailored, bespoke instrument built for you to fit you. No “off the peg” products. No copy machines. No mass production. Pure and simple, this is what sets Inveran apart from the majority. A truly sound investment.

The magic takes place onsite in our traditional workshop in the heart of Fife, Scotland, where the hum of the lathe can be heard from outside the walls. Take some time to learn about our bagpipes, chanters, and other products, and feel free to inquire about any of our services, which include bagpipe insurance valuation, repair & refurbishment, and bespoke silver mounting.

The Old Glass Shed 2 Station Road Auchtermuchty Fife Scotland KY14 7DP
enquiries@inveran.com +44 01337 828917 tel/fax © 2010 Inveran Bagpipe Makers
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