INV6 Bagpipes
INV6 Bagpipes

Fully-combed with the following design details:

  • Plain sterling silver mounts
  • Plain sterling silver ferrules
  • Plain sterling silver slides
  • Plain sterling silver ring caps
  • Plain sterling silver chanter sole

This complete set includes:

  • Donaldson Master Polypenco pipe chanter
  • Bannatyne pipe bag (hide with Gore-Tex inner bag)
  • Ezeedrone reeds
  • Corduroy or velvet pipe bag cover with fringe
  • Plain silk or wool cords

Sole and Donaldson Master African blackwood pipe chanter options for this set will vary the price.

Also see cases + maintenance (brushes, hemp, reeds, valves, etc.).

Blow stick
Pipe chanter
Bannatyne bag
Bag cover


Hand-engraved Sterling Silver Mounted ShieldHand-engraved Sterling Silver Mounted Shield
For stock or practice chanter. With your own text.
Reed ProtectorReed Protector
Placed over the pipe chanter and protects the reed. Made by Inveran. Compatible with all makes.

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